CCDV Breakfast at Michael’s Diner, Montgomeryville, PA (12-17-2022)

CCDV Breakfast 12-17-22

Dinner at Santucci’s (11-19-2022)

We had a great time at our monthly dinner at Santucci’s Square Pizza in Warminster.  It was one of those cold nights, but we still managed to have 22 members at the long table.  Santucci’s is a BYOB and I heard Jack finished off the last drop of wine right out of the bottle. Everyone enjoyed their meal so we will be putting this into our rotation for future dinners.  Thanks to Kevin and AnnMarie for the suggestion.

CCDV Participates in Philly Veterans Day Parade ( 11-06-2022)

CCDV Participates in Jeffersonville Fire Co Car show (11-5-22) 325 cars in show!

Dinner at Giovanni’s Pizza (10-29-2022)

We had a fun time again at our monthly dinner at Giovanni’s Pizza with 23 members in attendance.  As always, we all shared stories and had lots of laughs all evening long. The restaurant didn’t update our head count, so they quickly put another table in place for our remaining five members.

Afterwards most of us headed over to Rose & Tony’s house to hang out around the patio fires.  It was a chilly night, but we kept cozy near the fire and the heat lamp.  What a nice way to relax as we were treated to ice cream, cookies, smores and drinks.  What a way to cap off a good dinner to have dessert! A Big Thank You to Rose & Tony for hosting us.

CCDV Road Trip to America On Wheels Auto Museum, Allentown, PA (10-23-2022)

CCDV Cruise Night @ Valley Square, Warrington, PA (last of the season 9-17-2022)

Corvettes on the Boardwalk – Ocean City, NJ (9-11-2022)

  • It was cloudy & a bit rainy. About 250 Vettes were on hand.
  • Several CCDV members won Trophies:
    • Favorite C1: Russ Thomas
    • Favorite C2: Don Lemek
    • Favorite C3: Leroy Blimegger
    • Favorite C4: Ron Rahmer
    • Favorite C8: Joe Parente
    • Favorite Place to park your butt: Sherri Bresler
    • Best Club Participation: CCDV with 20 cars
    • Farthest Traveled Club: CCDV

CCDV Cruise Night @ Valley Square, Warrington, PA (8-20-2022)

CCDV Picnic @ Wayne’s House, Harleysville, PA (8-13-2022)

CCDV Cruise Night @ Valley Square, Warrington, PA (7-17-2022)

Oreland Independence Day Parade (7-4-2022)

CCDV Members are invited to join the parade each year. They throw LOTS of candy to the kids & meet at the Oreland Fire Company afterward for Hot Dogs. A fun day.

50th Cavalcade of Corvettes @ Middle Bucks Institute of Technology, Jamison, PA (6-25-2022)

  • We had beautiful (hot) weather & 159 Corvettes register for the show
  • Over 60 Volunteers helped to run the show (Thank You so very much)
  • Lots of Award winners
  • Click Here for pics

CCDV Cruise Night @ Valley Square, Warrington, PA (6-18-2022)

It was a cold and windy Cruise Night at The Shops at Valley Square on June 18th with under 50 cars on the lot. There was another evening event nearby and the fact that the weather was not the best probably kept some away. Chris Merlino entertained us with his motorized car bouncing around. Thanks to Candy & Chris Merlino, Rose Ferrante and John Benischeck who sold 50/50 tickets and snacks and kept the music going. The income from the 50/50 tickets was $46, and we made $65 from the pretzels, sodas, waters and juice sales.  

Our trophy winners were: Tony Cardinali for his 1950 Black Ford Contour, Dominic Costantino for his 1974 Green Corvette and Bill West for his 1964 Red Corvette. Congratulations to all the winners.

Wounded Hero 5k & 1 Mile Memorial Walk and Car Show (6-18-2022)

Hello to all and a synopsis of a very emotional 5k on June 18th, last Saturday. I run this event every year in support of our wounded servicemen, but this year was different in that the event was dedicated to the 13 servicemen and women so needlessly sacrificed, and for that sacrifice no one was held accountable, in the exit from Afghanistan.  The event centered on those who lost their lives for our Country, those in uniform giving of themselves so that others may have freedom. And the event was so emotional in that a number of the fathers and mothers, wives and children of the 13 lost were on stage and had the opportunity to speak to all of us attending and participating in the tribute.  There is no way I can put into words the anguish and “anger” of the mothers, fathers and families that have forever lost a loved one.  The honored Gold Star quests were brought to the event in a special trolley escorted by literally hundreds of motorcycles, and you guess it almost all were Harley’s. The sound from all those motorcycles could be heard long before the escorted trolley could be seen. Of course, local police departments, fire departments and EMT personnel were all there. The event was held at the Warminster Community Park that long ago was the location of the Johnsville Naval Air Station so noted for the massive centrifuge where all the astronauts trained during the first days of space fight and into the orbiter era. Our 5k course began and ended down the long runway on which so many astronauts know to all of us landed and took off from. I does cross your mind as you run down that long runway of the heroes that used that same airstrip. In conjunction and in support of the run and walk was a tremendous car show including all makes from classics, resto mods and hot rods. It was an impressive show covering a big part of the runway. My race was a good one on an exceptional weather day for June in our area–68 degrees and no humidity and beautiful blue sky’s with puffy white clouds, perfect running weather. I ran a steady pace and posted a time of 30 minutes 21 seconds that put me in the upper half of the field and 8th in the 60 to “death class” as I call it. I again requested a 80 and up class but the organizers just seemed incredulous, “you want what?”. The ages of those ahead of me were by finish place: 63,63,60,65,63,64,61 and 73.  The top 60 plus runner posted a 20-18, great time.And every race has a story, I call this the Kelliann race. I came up to her about half mile from the finish and she was slowing down so I ran beside her and said, “let’s pace together” and we did almost to the finish when she slowed a bit finishing with a time of 30-27 just 6 seconds behind me.  After the race she found me, brought her family too and asked if we could be photographed together. Of course and I was so thrilled, encouragement, maybe helping,  means more than medals.The attached photographs are from the event and the back of the event tee shirt lists the names of those so needlessly sacrificed. Never forget them. Jack DeLong

CCDV Breakfast @ American Star Diner, Lansdale, PA (6-04-2022)

Memorial Day Parade (VFW Croydon, PA) 5-30-2022

CCDV club members in car order: Ed Masterson, Chris Merlino, Frank Ferrante, Courtney Conti (and daughter Ella), Candy Merlino. Ed and Chris each had a veteran ride along. 

Memorial Day Parade (VFW Warminster, PA) 5-30-2022

CCDV Corvettes lining-up before the parade. The VFW had a camel on hand to celebrate the day.

Lunch at Kauffman’s BBQ Chicken Ranch (5-22-2022)

We had a great day Sunday, May 22nd with everyone at Kauffman’s. We took a leisurely drive, up Route 309 and then through the little towns and rolling hills to get to Bethel.  The weather was sunny and hot and it was nice to finally get out and caravan the Corvettes. 

We met Dennis & Debbie Trayes and other members from the Susquehanna Valley Corvette Club. The photo below shows their cars with Dennis in the middle.

The chicken and ice cream didn’t disappoint.  But it was mostly about getting together with our friends and meeting new friends. Some folks left before the picture was taken, so not everyone is in the picture.

Those who joined in were: Ray Marijczuk, John & Kathy Benischeck, Dennis & Eileen Matlack, Greg & Janice Baugher, Candy Merlino, Jack & Ferri Householder, Dennis & Debbie Trayes, and a few others from the Susquehanna Club and me.  Bob, a potential new member surprised us and drove with us for the day.  We convinced him to come along after talking with him at Cruise Night. I think he likes us!

Thanks everyone for a nice afternoon.

                                                      Barb Pergine

CCDV Cruise Night @ Valley Square, Warrington, PA (5-21-2022)

We had another fantastic Cruise Night at The Shops at Valley Square on May 21st with over 100 cars. Cars were coming and going all evening long as we all got a chance to see old friends even though it was a bit on the hot and sticky side. Thank you to Candy & Chris Merlino, Rose Ferrante, Penny Hunt and John Benischeck who sold 50/50 tickets and snacks and kept the music going all evening. The income from the 50/50 tickets was $60, and we made $160 from the pretzels, sodas, waters and apple juice sales. 

Our trophy winners were:  Bradley Cooper for his black & silver 1986 El Camino, Ray Jeremy for his blue 1970 Mach 1 Mustang and Cliff Hamilton for his atomic orange 2022 Corvette HTC. Congratulations to all the winners.

CCDV at The Bash @ NCM (April 2022)

  • Pics taken by Jack DeLong

CCDV Cruise Night @ Valley Square, Warrington, PA (4-16-2022)

Graeme Park Pizza Dinner (1-22-2022)

We had the usual suspects at our monthly dinner at Graeme Park Pizza with 20 members in attendance.  This restaurant was a new place for some, and the food did not disappoint.  From stromboli, pasta, pannini, chicken and pizza, what more could you ask for from a great eatery.

We hung out for about two hours and of course were the loudest in the dinning room.  This monthly dinner is a great way for new members to get to know their fellow members in sharing stories and talking cars.  Come join us next month.