Rules for the Corvette Wave:

Rule #1: There is no excuse for not waving at your fellow Corvette owner. Although most Corvette owners are not offended when their wave is not returned, not waving is a serious breach of proper Corvette etiquette.

Rule #2: Whoever sees the other Corvette first, starts the wave. Thank goodness, there isn’t any rule about who waves first. Pretty much, if you see another Corvette, wave!

Rule #3: There isn’t any secret handshake-type wave. Any type of wave is okay. Whether you shoot a big wave up through your open Vette top, a reach out the window, or even quick salute with your hand on the steering wheel, any wave that can be seen by the other Corvette driver is okay.

Rule #4: A late wave is better than no wave (and this is something I’ve been victim to a couple of times already.) If you suddenly realize that a Corvette driver is passing and waving at you, shoot your wave off as soon as possible. The other Corvette driver may see your wave in their rear view mirror and realize that you where just a little late in noticing him. Although missing the timing of your wave is a “goof,” getting off a wave that the other Corvette driver has a chance to see can acceptably cover this slip-up.

Rule #5: If for some reason you completely miss the wave, do *not* make a dangerous U-turn or other driving maneuver just to return the wave. This is just reckless – An alive non-waver is better than dead waver; So just try better next time.

So you can see the underlying concept here is simple: Wave at your fellow Corvette owners, whoever they are, whenever you see them. You can wave any way you choose, as long as it’s polite and non-threatening.  And have fun – isn’t that what Corvette ownership is all about?