• The club plans to build a CCDV Wall Calendar each year.
  • Sales of the calendar will help to pay various club expenses ( insurance, hall rental, website, etc).
  • The standard size calendar is 17″ Long x 11″ Wide (when open).
  • We encourage all club members to submit a photo of their Corvette for inclusion in the Calendar.
  • Submitted photos will also be placed onto our website.
  • Here are some Rules of Thumb for your photos:
    • Include your complete name & year of Corvette (ie: John Smith 1992 LT-1).
    • Be aware of the background in your photo (try to exclude trash cans, poles, vehicles, fences, random people, parking lots lines, large shadows, etc).
    • Don’t point your camera towards the sun (best to have the sun at your side).
    • Watch for excessive sun glare on your windshield or chrome.
    • Keep windows down to prevent reflection or glare
    • A “closed hood” looks better & requires less print space than an “open hood” photo.
    • Verify your email address hasn’t changed since joining the club. This information must stay current.
    • If you submitted a photo last year, try to submit a different photo this year.
  • Email 1 or 2 of your favorite photos to: webmaster@ccdv.com
  • Photo submittal deadline is September 30th.
  • Calendars should be available for purchase by mid November.
Above photo is a Sample Page from the 2021 Calendar

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