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Based in Willow Grove (a suburb of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania), the Corvette Club of Delaware Valley is full of over 500 Corvette-owning enthusiasts. Anyone is welcome to join... you don't even need to own a corvette!

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Every month, members receive our newsletter, The Gas Cap. It keeps everyone informed about club events and activities, what's happening with members, what's for sale or trade, and the projects that the Board of Directors and Club Committees are working on. The Gas Cap keeps members going; it's where "information flows."

As a CCDV member, you will never be bored! There are monthly meetings for mingling with fellow members and contributing your thoughts and ideas regarding the direction of the club. Likewise, gatherings are organized just for fun! It seems there is always a car show, caravan, trip, or a party to attend. Upon joining, members receive a Membership Kit chock full of info about CCDV and its history, a CCDV license plate, a CCDV window decal and more goodies! CCDV is proud to help others as well! Every year, the Corvette Club of Delaware Valley contributes funds to the Juvenile Diabetes Fund and to the Sunshine Foundation.


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