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When you think of Americana, what comes to mind? For most of us it’s baseball, hot dogs, and Mom’s apple pie. Did you know that these three icons are forever immortalized on the 4th generation Corvette? Way in the back of the storage area of the convertibles, hidden under the carpeting, are three stampings, a baseball bat, a hot dog and an apple pie! Becoming a part of American tradition doesn’t happen overnight. The Corvette has taken its rightful place as a true American icon in the automotive venue, as did Harley Davidson for motorcycles, only after mesmerizing enthusiasts for generations. The public couldn’t get enough of the allure, the excitement, and the fascination. As a result, they banned together to share common interests and their pride in being an American. This signified the birth of the Corvette club.

Over the years, countless Corvette clubs have been formed since the debut of the 1953 Corvette. Common themes ring throughout each organization, a love for the Corvette and a love for Old Glory. The Corvette club became an institution of people dedicated to the most awesome car ever built and to ensuring that the Corvette forever holds its place as a true American symbol. This is the story of one such club…

As the racing season wound down in the fall/winter of 1958, a group of about 25 Corvette enthusiasts including Bob Levin, founding member and first CCDV Vice President, wanted to keep the excitement of racing alive on a regular basis. Together they formed the Corvette Club of Delaware Valley (a.k.a. CCDV) in December of 1958. You can count on one hand, the number of Corvette clubs that date back as early as CCDV. The original club met in Philadelphia at Sonny Stein’s Chevrolet, the Club’s first official Chevrolet sponsor. In the early years, Bob and others worked hard to strengthen their passion for racing as well as to introduce other events to the small but passionate membership. In those early days, they designed the official club logo and created the club newsletter, The Gas Cap, both of which are still in existence today.

Sonny Stein is certainly credited as the first sponsor of the club, but Bryner Chevrolet of Jenkintown, PA is and has been the official Chevrolet club sponsor since 1971. Also in 1971, CCDV members wanted a more exciting way to show off their cars other than riding up to the local Hot Shoppes. They sought a more organized event. As a result, they launched the 1st Annual Cavalcade of Corvettes. It was held in the show rooms at Bryner Chevrolet. At that time, the show was often referred to as “the Bryner Show”. The Cavalcade grew quickly in popularity and consequently has been hosted at a number of locations since that time. Regardless, CCDV is eternally grateful to the Petersons and the Bryner organization for their unparalleled support of the Cavalcade and the Club since that first show.

The Cavalcade was renowned as the largest two-day indoor Corvette Show on the east coast. It was the first show to exhibit every year and model Corvette (coupes, convertibles and special editions) from 1953 to the present year. The indoor show has enjoyed as many as 125 pristine Corvettes indoors accompanied by an outdoor corral of over 300 Corvettes. The judging format established during the early years of the Cavalcade became the guidelines from which other nationally acclaimed judged events were based, such as NCRS and Bloomington Gold shows. Many of the founding members of these organizations were members of CCDV!

The club also has strong ties to many well-known Corvette enthusiasts. The late Chip Miller of Carlisle Productions was an active member in CCDV in his youth, and to this day the Chip Miller Family retains his honorary membership. Allen Shepard, the first US astronaut to enter space was a member in the 1960s. Roger Penske, of Penske Racing, was a member of the club in the early years. M. F. Dobbins, author of several "Corvette Facts" books and one time editor of the Gas Cap, was also a member of the club.

The Club has a charitable side. For many years, the club has raised money for the less fortunate. It is estimated that CCDV has raised in excess of $300,000. for charity. To compliment these efforts, the Club formed a charitable arm called the Corvette Enthusiasts Community Foundation (CECF) chartered to raise money for charity. Some well-known recipients of our efforts have been the Sunshine Foundation, Juvenile Diabetes, Multiple Sclerosis Society (MS), Big Brothers of America, Naval Military Welfare & Recreation, Chip Miller Foundation, and the National Corvette Museum.

Today CCDV is stronger than ever. The club sponsors many diverse activities centered on having fun, enjoying friendships, and taking pleasure in our Corvettes. You can show your car, drive your car, race your car, or just kick back next to your car and hang out with your friends at our monthly Cruise Night at the Pep Boys in Warminster, on the third Saturday of the month from April to October. We are enjoying record enrollments with over 500 registered members. The Cavalcade is expanding into an even greater event at our new location, the Middle Bucks Institute of Technology in Jamison, PA. (RT, 263) Beginning in May, 2006 our monthly General Membership Meeting will be held at the Vereinigung Erzgebirge Club (VE Club), 130 Davisville Rd. Warminster, Pa. 18974. You’ve heard the expression, “there are two things that you can count on”. Well at CCDV the answer is “the Corvette will always reign as the premier muscle car and sports car of America and that CCDV will always reign as a symbol of the hobby and our great country!”


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