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Scammer stories

After reading Georges imput on how to recognize scammers, I had an idea. The best way to discover a scammer and ruin there day is to expose them for what they really are. Get the word out and I think we can help our selves with this.
Let's share our experiences. Anyone that has had a run in with a scam why not post it here. Any scam will do, as they all have one thing in common. There thieves and they have no remorse. They are scum bags.
So if you have had an experience with one of these low life degenerates please share it with us. The more we learn of there deceiving ways the harder it will be for these terrible people to steal from us. We can protect ourselves by being alert and knowledgable. We need to listen and learn from other people's experiences. These scammers are very good at what they do. They are smart and will come off to you as a very trusting person that you feel could never be a bad guy. Famous words, oh I have a good feeling about this guy or girl. I feel safe doing business with him. Bang ! The scammer did his job. Now he's got you.remember, scammers come in all shapes and sizes male female of all ages. Don't be fooled because she only in her 20s and carrying school books. It's all in the play.
That's what they do they are very good actors. It's all in there training. It's there job to deceive you. They know how to make you feel safe with them. Then they go in for the kill. Take you goods and disappear. Only to line up another poor soul. I got to run but keep tuned in and I will share my experience with a scammer.....
Nick cip
Nick Cip.
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George C
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Nick, I would like to hear your experience.. Thanks

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I just posted a response in your previous post about scammers saying they are from the IRS.

The "computer maintenance" folks I love to play with. I either don't have a computer, or which one? I have fifty here in this office, or, I'm in the computer repair business too!
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I have discovered a new scammer way online. They advertise with google ads and saying to enter a competition with your postcode. And what will happen? They will obtain your address and will start sending you offers to buy, invest and so on endlessly.
Also, I would recommend to watch not a bad documentary show about scam from uk:
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