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Congrats to John Burbich! And to all you guys getting into the second rounds. Unfortunately, I had 2 excellent time trials. For the first time it seemed I was hooking up and even though the weather made us run .2 slower, I was getting 1.9 sixty foot times. That's pretty good for a 6 speed. however, on my 3rd run, instead of smoking the tires, I smoked my clutch. Now, my clutch has been squirrelly ever since 3 1/2 years ago, but that 3rd run killed it! I cut a .600 light, & the rpm went up and the car sat there, for a second, then took off. When I stopped to get my ticket, I knew it was cooked. I hung around for a while to cheer you guys on then tried driving home. I only got to Washington's Crossing where it crapped out & died. Had to get it flat bedded to Bryner's where who knows.. It's a sick feeling seeing your baby flatbedded away. I'll keep you informed, but, it may be my racing days are over....
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