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I'll second what Tony said, with 3400 DA most of the day, we all ran up to .2 slower...

My LS-1 Edit dyno tuning that I got with the gift certificate from winning Event #8 last year, didn't turn out as I had hoped.

My dyno sheet showed 339 for both H.P & torque, but on 2 successive runs, I ran a 12.86, almost .2 SLOWER than I should have, so I re-installed my Power Loader II program, (which is not really set up for the mods I have to my car), but instantly ran 3 12.70 runs, just about where I should have been.

I was right on my dial of 12.68 according to the weather station, & took the first 2 rounds.

But in the third round, my launching & light issues continued, as my car deceided to again rear back instead of lurch forward, on a 1500 rpm tach, and I cut an .801 light.

That really got me angry as my opponent cut a beatable .610 light, and ran a 13.26 on his 13.20 dial, where I ran a 12.70 on my 12.68 dial.

I believe something is not right with my car due to my most inconsistent launches & lights, which were NOT happening last year.

Could it be the torque conveter going bad, or is tuning still the issue as my car chokes above 1500 rpms at the line???

We will try to get to the bottom of it..

Any thoughts or suggestions ?
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