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Originally Posted by Joel Fellman View Post
Zaino is probably the best product with the best results but plan on investing lots of time to make it happen OR plan on paying someone to do the WORK & just enjoy the results. Personally, I don't use it & Maguires car care products work just fine for me on both the '76 & the '95!! Maybe not quite as good but certainly cheaper AND FASTER!! And Maguires also has a very good reputation.
I agree with Joel except the part about Maguires not being as good. I've seen no proof of that. I wax my car once or twice a year and would put it up against any Zaino protected car keeping in mind I race my car 10 months out of the year. I don't wax it and roll in back into the garage. But then again, I'm not even washing it for the Hot Dog Run today. It's coming straight from the track, I'm just changing tires. Maybe I don't care as much about my car.

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