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A correction to something you posted. Chemical Guys does NOT sell the Borderfree Blond Towel. You can only purchase those from a company called the Zaino. I distinctly mention that in these videos. They are the manufacturer and the only people who sell that towel.

The problem with creating a list of where to purchase these items is that the places you purchased them from changes frequently. Some locations will sell a large quantity of a given product (i.e. quart and gallon sizes), and other places will sell a more affordable quantity of product from time to time (i.e. 16 ounce sizes). Some companies stop carrying a product if it doesn't move as fast as they like. So one thing that I have learned is to allow people to look around for a given product. I will give them the name of the product and all they have to do is utilize good ol' Google, which will allow them to locate anything that I use. Some of the stuff that I use in this video series can be found at of all places Auto Zone or Pep Boys. By watching the videos, you will be able to get a detailed list of exactly what I used. That's why it is so important to take notes. I want to promote watching the videos as often as it takes for people to accumulate that list. That may mean watching them three or four times per video if necessary. The reason I want people to do this is because there is absolutely no way as a novice that you will be able to retain everything that you see in these videos by only watching them once. That's another reason I don't just supply a list.

So if you do not see information listed in the video description, then the smartest thing to do is to take detailed notes and watch the videos multiple times. This will only benefit you, especially if you are a novice to paint correction. Since I take the time to not only show to the screen the product and product label of everything I use, there is no reason anyone paying attention while watching these videos can't come up with an exact product list. Where to get those products will depend on who has the best deal at the time you are looking for them. That's about as easy as I am going to make it for those who really want to learn. I do it this way because I truly want people to understand exactly what they're doing. If they do, they will be able to pick up any brand of compound and polish on the market and have success when using that product (as long as it's a quality product).

Hopefully, this makes sense and will help you achieve that list.
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