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1985 Corvette Will not maintain Idle / idling extremely rough.

Greetings everyone. We have solved the electrical issue and the dash works completely, although dim.

I am a novice and my friend is an experienced engine builder, but has little experience with OBD 1 fuel injection.

Finally have my new motor and exhaust installed. Our problem is, it is idling extremely rough.

Here is what we have.

The vehicle has sat for almost 2 years. Definitely has bad gas in the fuel lines and possible tank. Added fresh 94 octane gas before we started. ( Thinking to add race gas or higher octane gas)

1 ) 2bolt main 350 all new internals with vortec heads, scoggin dickey vortec tpi manifold with EGR Delete, 58mm BBK Throttle body, TPIS adjustable fuel pressure regulator, New injectors from Fuel Injector connection.

2) We have deleted all the Air pump, EGR devices, throttle body coolant bypass and 9th Injector.
New Bosch O2 sensor.

3) The following connectors are not hooked to anything.
Manifold Temp Sensor, EGR Control valve Relay,
an unidentified sensor behind driverside valve cover
( We think is oil pressure, or temp)

We believe we have all the vacuum lines hooked correctly according to service manual.

We have no check engine lights on dash. We have not checked the resistance of the TPS Sensor, we have not checked for a pressure reading in the fuel rail, (but we have pressure).

Should we get a simple OBD1 tester and check for codes and if so what codes should we look for?

Which tester would you recommend?

Any help would be appreciated.


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