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Bill Burkholder is an unknown quantity at this point Rules and Steps of Discipline

Rules for posting on

No profanity or porn.
No spamming or commercial solicitation without approval.
No Trolls. No flaming or perpetuating an argument or conflict.
No personal attacks or name-calling.
No bombing forums with pointless posts.
No discussion of alleged illegal activity.
No multiple user accounts.
No circumvention of banned accounts.
No cross posting (duplicate posts in multiple forums).
No posting in outdated threads.
No starting new threads about another that was locked or deleted.
No post “whoring” (obvious attempts to raise ones post count), personal spamming.
No thread hijacking.
No replying to a sale thread unless you’re helping that particular sale.
Items for sale must have full description,contact information and asking price. Pictures are recommended for all "for sale" items. Discussions for other than the asking price, should be done by Private Message or E mail.
No harassment of other members.
No posting Private Messages or E-mails in public forums without author's consent.
Respect others privacy, do not post personal info of others in public.
Observe all copyright laws.
Keep posts in the correct forums.
Respect the administrators and moderators. Absolutely no public defiance.
No behavior that will negatively affect the community in general.

Steps of Discipline

1.Written warning via Email or Personal Message (PM.) detailing the infraction and further discipline.
2.Written warning via Email or Personal Message (PM.) and suspension on by Board action.
3.Removal of account from by Board action.
4.A flagrant breach of rules will be an immediate suspension by the site Administrator to be reviewed by the CCDV Board, before final removal from .

CCDV Disclaimer
"Publication of any and all advertisements in the Gas Cap and or Web Site does not constitute an endorsement, approval, recommendation or any form of ratification or other affirmation of the product or service advertised. We thank all readers patronizing our advertisers and urge them to conduct their own independent and thorough investigation prior to purchasing or recommending any product or service specified herein. CCDV reserves the right to refuse advertising."
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