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Jeffrey 12-16-17 06:46 PM

1974 Corvette Bumper Replacement
Hi Guys,

I am looking to replace the front bumper on my 1974 Corvette. It has several cracks and is due to be replaced.

Would you recommend I go with the urethane, fiberglass or flex fit option?

Thank you.


Dennis Trayes 12-16-17 09:51 PM

I replaced both on my '75 with repo urethane. They came out great. Joel Fellman used fiberglass on his '76 and they look great too. If your car is completely stock, I would go original material, if not fiberglass is a great alternative. Either material will require some fitting work. Good luck.

Jeffrey 12-17-17 02:54 PM

Follow Up
As a follow up and aside from any type of accident, is one option more durable or longer lasting?

Thank you,


jonmentzer 12-17-17 08:45 PM

i have fiberglass on my 76, have had no problems. have had them on at least 10yrs. they do require fitting. in an accident neither one will look pretty.

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