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bgrippo 06-18-17 10:19 AM

Cavalcade 2017
I would like to thank Stephen Fisher for another great Cavalcade. It's hard to believe five years have gone by so quickly. Stephen, thank you for all the time and hard work over the last five years putting The Cavalcade together and having each one a memorable show. It has been Angelo and my pleasure serving and working with you on the Cavalcade committee. We hope that someone Volunteers to take over your job. It sure would be a shame to think that Cavalcade 2017 will be the last to go down in history.
Cavalcade Chairman Stephen Fisher 2013 - 2017
Ang and Barb Grippo

Joel Fellman 06-20-17 12:17 AM

Barb; I'm sure you share all our feelings about Steve's leadership of the Cavalcades. And hopefully someone will step up to take over as the future Cavalcade Chairperson.
Also want to thank his great committee and all those who volunteered to make the Show another success - a little wet but great overall.

Bob Weiss 06-20-17 10:00 AM

Thanks to Steve and the entire crew for making the best of a rainy day and another great Cavalcade. It was a great show with decent attendance considering the weather.

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