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Debbie Trayes 02-24-13 01:29 PM

Thanks Johnny Bacon
John, Thanks for organizing the breakfast to Otto's. A great morning spent with delicious food and great friends. Record breaking attendance and hopefully a record setting win for Danica Patrick today at the Daytona 500 would certainly make it an AWESOME DAY.

* Richy, we missed you. Hope that does not mean you failed your drivers test.

Debbie & Dennis

rosey 02-24-13 03:10 PM

Johnny Bacon, Thanks for breakfast at Ottos. Great food,friendly and interesting people to spend the morning with. Looking forward to the next club activity. The drive up and back from South Jersey added to the fun. Thanks again John B.

Bob Weiss 02-24-13 05:40 PM

John, What a turnout. Had fun with the great group of CCDV friends. Of course the food was excellent. I think we were the first to leave as we had work commitments.

Thanks again,

Bob and Barb

tri power 02-24-13 07:16 PM


92RAGTOP 02-24-13 08:10 PM

As usual another great event......I give it 9 out of 10 burps! It would have been a 10 however if the cheap SOB Wayne would have picked up the tab! ;bl

Den Matlack 02-24-13 08:55 PM

great time as usual John great food and great friends and Don I had to chase down that person to pay for his bill just kidding

Joel Fellman 02-25-13 11:20 AM

John: thanks for another great CCDV breakfast outing.
Joel & Sue

Pat Lankford 02-25-13 01:53 PM

John - great breakfast choice. Hope we get to see you all at the next breakfast/event. Yes, I also had to track down T. Wayne to pay for his breakfast!!

Wayne Lankford 02-25-13 07:00 PM

Not bad John, not bad!!! Again, great job! We are very fortunate in re-joining the club, so many nice people and new friends, yes, you to Don. Pattie did not buy me breakfast, I am retired.

The T.

DW 2001 02-25-13 07:42 PM

John had a great time at the breakfast event on Sun. thanks for doing such a great job in organizing and running the event. One sad note, Frau Bruker is yet to be found? Dan

John Benischeck 02-25-13 10:21 PM

You are all so very welcome! I'm glad you all enjoyed yourselves.....I cetainly did too. It's great to see all my friends having a great time...and I don't have to clean up or do the dishes. LOL

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