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bigjohn19136 10-15-09 12:52 PM

october car of the month ? does this work do members pick or just submet a car

Mike Campbell 10-15-09 01:07 PM

Big John...looks real good to me!! ;bt ;bc Congrats!!;bl

RichRog 10-15-09 01:24 PM

Big John - Congrats, you have my vote for the October "Car of the Month"

Bill Burkholder 10-15-09 01:49 PM

I had asked that members send me pictures, and a small story of why they own a Corvette, or a Corvette story a description of mods that were done and I'd post them in the car of the month. Since Aug. 2008 I have not received anything from club members. I asked several times at the membership meeting and still nothing. (I put my car and Bob Rosenberg's cars in because I didn't have anything else) I just figured no one was interested in this so I just let it fade away. I'd be willing to try it again if members help out. I had also thought that when a new member joins that they send me a photo of them with their car that I'd put the in monthly in the Gas Cap and website. But again if I don't have photos or any info for a new member...... I'll bring this up tonight at the board meeting. It would be nice if a membership application had a photo or my email address to send a photo. Bill

George C 10-16-09 01:33 AM


Originally Posted by bigjohn19136 (Post 59981)

Nice Pics. Were they taken at Celebrations in Bensalem? I am a frequent flier there.

Rick and Arleen Ball 10-16-09 02:51 AM

Nice pics John!
Nothin like a clean Black C-5 convt.

I was wondering what happened to the Vette of the Month pics.

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