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Bill Burkholder 02-22-16 12:44 PM

2018 CCDV Officers and Board Members
President. T. Wayne Lankford
Vice President. Joel Fellman
Corporate Secretary. Pete Carroll
Treasure. Ken Woods
Recording Secretary. Barb Grippo

Board Members

Chairperson Ed Bonk
John Indelicato
Steve Fisher
Jacques Etkowicz
Rose Ferrante
Ang Grippo
Dennis Trayes
Joe Parente
Bob Bearn


Activity Chairperson John Indelicato
Membership Chairperson Tony Buonassisi
Technical Chairperson Ron Gaffin
GC, Publisher Russ Parker
New Member Committee Chairperson Rose Ferrante
Cavalcade Chairperson Steve Fisher
Cruise Night Chairpersons Chris & Candy Merlino
Natíl. Corvette Museum Ambassador Dennis Levitt
Club Store Chairperson Denny Matlack
Nametag Chairperson Barb Grippo
Public Relations Dennis Levitt
Public Relations Rose Ferrante

C.E.C.F. Members
President Bob Weiss
Vice President Jeff Hey, Sr.
Treasurer Steve Howard
Secretary Joe Remich
Raffle Ticket Sales & Public Relations Joel Kipphut

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