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ikemont 06-30-13 01:30 PM

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I toured the Bowling Green factory this week - saw the C7's being built

Rick and Arleen Ball 06-30-13 03:34 PM

Thats a Beauty!!!

carboman 06-30-13 04:46 PM

Nice color combo

Bob Weiss 06-30-13 05:43 PM

Dennis, is it yours??

I do like the new Corvette!!


Joel Fellman 06-30-13 08:12 PM

EXCELLENT!!! Bet you had a fabulous time!!!!!!!

ikemont 07-02-13 05:37 PM

Factory Tour
It was great and the C7 looks terriffic. I sat in one with a two-tone Red?blck interior.

Richy 07-02-13 07:23 PM


If they're producing them now, why the long wait for the 1st deliveries?

ikemont 07-02-13 10:53 PM

Factory Tour
The production taking place now is a series of practice runs-of the manufacturing process - with each run, they are refining the process - the expectation is to have everything running smoothly by end of summer.

George C 07-06-13 11:48 AM

GM is going to release all of the ordered C7's in Sept. Many units have been built.

ikemont 07-19-13 10:13 AM

Bob Weiss

Originally Posted by Bob Weiss (Post 78474)
Dennis, is it yours??

I do like the new Corvette!!


Bob - No, they had one of each of the new colors in the lobby at the Corvette museum - and they had a convertible there which won't be available until next year. The cars were open so I sat in one - wow! they've really moved the car up a few notches - very impressive. O told Nick that if there's an opening for a speaker at one of our meetings, I'd be happy to talk for a minute or two about seeing the assembly of the new C7's. Unfortunately, I had to leave last month's Cavalcade early - I was really looking forward to showing the cat after all that work - but there's always our Cruise Nights.

Bob Weiss 07-19-13 10:40 AM

Hi Dennis,

I saw the C7 out at the Indy 500. I like them alot.

I saw you Vette at the Cavalcade but you were not around it. It is gorgeous. Beautifully and tastefully done!

See you soon and stay cool!


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