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Glennm27 12-05-17 06:57 PM

Steve "Slapshot" Spencer
Just an FYI for all who know "Spence"
Steve will be out of commission starting today (Dec 5) until mid to late February.
I'm sure Steve could use some positive vibes headed his way.

Also of course, this is something to keep in mind when having your Corvette serviced at Bryner. For the next 2.5 months Spence will not be there.

Wishing you all the best Steve.
Hope to see you back up and about and hopefully even back on skates real soon.

Ed Johnson 12-06-17 12:58 PM

Steve, I wish you a speedy recovery. Best Wishes.

Wayne Lankford 12-06-17 09:08 PM

The members of the CCDV wish you well and a speedy recovery. You picked the right time since most of our cars are now stored and plugged in! The best.

hcvone 12-07-17 06:42 AM

And although he can not walk if your vette needs service he can be lowered on to a creeper for work under the car. Hope you are up and around soon my friend.

RichRog 12-07-17 07:07 AM

Best wishes for a speedy recovery, you will be missed!!!

GoVetteGo 12-07-17 12:02 PM

Super speedy Recovery my friend!!

George C 01-05-18 01:42 PM

Steve is doing well with his recovery. :)

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