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Bob Weiss 01-02-18 06:13 PM

Bryner Chevrolet Fire
Hi Everyone, I Just heard that there was a fire in the showroom of Bryner Chevrolet this afternoon at 5:00 PM. Let's hope that no one was injured and that the fire was confined to that area. I hope that our Great area Chevrolet dealer is back up and running at full speed as soon as possible!

Attached is a video from of the news report.


Wayne Lankford 01-02-18 07:50 PM

Have been in touch with them and waiting for a response. Give them time, a lot to sort through.

Debbie Trayes 01-03-18 11:25 AM

So sorry to hear the news of this great dealership.

Bill Burkholder 01-03-18 12:09 PM

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After the cleanup Bryner will be better than ever, looking for a Grand Opening!

Bob Weiss 01-03-18 03:54 PM

The Fire was limited to the showroom! Service is fully up and running and Dave Peterson and crew are working on getting the showroom back up to snuff asap. No one was hurt!

GoVetteGo 01-03-18 04:56 PM

That's great news Bob. Thanks for posting!

Bob Weiss 01-12-18 01:56 PM

It was nice to see Dave Peterson at our meeting last night. Now more that ever we need to support our club sponsor while they repair/rebuild their showroom. If you are thinking of Buying-now is the time!

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