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Tony B.96LT4 08-16-03 10:36 PM

ECSCC Race results Aug 16!
We had quite a big turnout from CCDV at the ECSCC today. I'd like to thank everyone who came out! John Burbich made it to the ladder (fourth round this time) but broke out. He ran a 13.86 on a 13.89 dial-in. Great job John. Lots of us made it into the second round and Joe Signore, sporting new DRs got into the third. It was a rough day weather wise and all the cars were running 2-3 tenths slower. Rob Farley was the overall winner and within one point of the leader. Rob also cut a perfect .500 in his victory. Congrats to Rob. Todays CCDV highlights. Seems like most of us were having trouble with the tree and had a hard time trying to get the same RTs. We also were having trouble with red lights and breaking out. Norm Clemmer who just came to watch ended up running time shots and by the end of time trials had a best of 13.01. His car has lots of potential left but traction was a problem for him. Hope to see you come out for a few of the Challenges Norm. Bob Lear came out for his second Challenge but got knocked out in the first round. Bob does a lot of road course racing but I think he's getting back into the Drag Race groove. Joe Signore went up against Edgar Perez in the second round and won by a red light. Joe felt really lucky as red lighting is a very rare thing for Edgar to do. As luck would have it Carl Neff and I went against each other in the first round. Carl got me on the tree but spun his ZR1 bad at the line. I hooked fairly good and managed to pull a hole shot. The irony is that I was using the the bigger DR's that Carl sold me. If any of the other racers would like to add to this please post. Again I like to thank all the CCDV racers and supporters for coming out today. ;bt

REDGAR 08-16-03 11:06 PM

Thanks Tony.

I just put something up on

Man it was tough to swallow that .496 as my red light problems had been pretty settled.

I still don't feel very comfortable in my new engine/new transmission car.

Seems to getting slower than we expected and Carmen wants it back for some testing but I just cannot give it up just yet with my trip to Florida coming.

I still manage to reel in a 12.038 on a 12.03 dial but I just don't feel right in it.

Joe you got a gift there man. You don't normally with the a .67 light but it can happen and it did.

Careful though, Chris Young gained a point on you in the rookie chase.

Tony B.96LT4 08-17-03 06:18 AM

Edgar, wasn't strange that there was mostly 13.** cars in the ladder? Seems like the faster cars and drivers were having trouble with the tree and the weather conditions.

C5pilot 08-17-03 08:12 AM

Believe me, the early Christmas gift from Edgar was much appreciated. I have to thank Tony and Edgar for teaching me to run my race no matter who I'm up against. Yesterday I remained calm knowing perfectly well who was on the other side of the line. I keep it in my mind that I am not racing the other driver until AFTER I cut the best light I can.

Congrats to John Burbich for making it into the ladder, way to go! And thanks to everyone who participates in our events and special thanks to our crew chief Rose who not only keeps us in line but helps keep us at the line.

YO-EL 08-17-03 10:51 AM

I'll second what Tony said, with 3400 DA most of the day, we all ran up to .2 slower...

My LS-1 Edit dyno tuning that I got with the gift certificate from winning Event #8 last year, didn't turn out as I had hoped.

My dyno sheet showed 339 for both H.P & torque, but on 2 successive runs, I ran a 12.86, almost .2 SLOWER than I should have, so I re-installed my Power Loader II program, (which is not really set up for the mods I have to my car), but instantly ran 3 12.70 runs, just about where I should have been.

I was right on my dial of 12.68 according to the weather station, & took the first 2 rounds.

But in the third round, my launching & light issues continued, as my car deceided to again rear back instead of lurch forward, on a 1500 rpm tach, and I cut an .801 light.

That really got me angry as my opponent cut a beatable .610 light, and ran a 13.26 on his 13.20 dial, where I ran a 12.70 on my 12.68 dial.

I believe something is not right with my car due to my most inconsistent launches & lights, which were NOT happening last year.

Could it be the torque conveter going bad, or is tuning still the issue as my car chokes above 1500 rpms at the line???

We will try to get to the bottom of it..

Any thoughts or suggestions ?

Mike Campbell 08-17-03 11:40 AM

Congrats to John Burbich! And to all you guys getting into the second rounds. Unfortunately, I had 2 excellent time trials. For the first time it seemed I was hooking up and even though the weather made us run .2 slower, I was getting 1.9 sixty foot times. That's pretty good for a 6 speed. however, on my 3rd run, instead of smoking the tires, I smoked my clutch. Now, my clutch has been squirrelly ever since 3 1/2 years ago, but that 3rd run killed it! I cut a .600 light, & the rpm went up and the car sat there, for a second, then took off. When I stopped to get my ticket, I knew it was cooked. I hung around for a while to cheer you guys on then tried driving home. I only got to Washington's Crossing where it crapped out & died. Had to get it flat bedded to Bryner's where who knows..;tt It's a sick feeling seeing your baby flatbedded away. I'll keep you informed, but, it may be my racing days are over....;www;www

REDGAR 08-17-03 12:58 PM

Mike sorry had to have that happen.

Hope it is not too bad.

VetBoyZR1 08-17-03 08:39 PM

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VetBoyZR1 08-17-03 08:43 PM

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Edgar and Tony make the best of our short rain delay:

Al Betz 08-18-03 08:49 AM

Congrats John on your fine outing on Saturday.

I was hot, hot , hot! I was slow on the tree all day and got a gift in the first round when I had a .7 light and my opponent did too. In the second round I overcompenstated and went red against Ralph Savarese. Would have been a good race had I not blown it we were both on our dial.

Sorry to hear you didn't make it home Mike. Let me know if there is something I can help you with.

Norm Clemmer 08-18-03 09:41 AM

Thanks Tony for loaning me the drag radials and Rose who helped change them. I was just going to watch...ended up racing...which inturn ended up with me catching hell from my wife for racing!!! Oh well, it isn't the first time she got ticked off at me!!!

I came away from this with two impressions. 1st impression is that the people at CCDV who race are a group of great people, everyone was routing for each other and a lot of people offered me advice.

Second impression is that I stink, With 427 RRHP and 417 RRT, everyone is telling me I should be turning around 12.4. In my defence it was the first time I pulled hole shots in my little blue Vette, but I still stank and should have done better. Oh well, the only thing about doing bad is that it should be easy to improve.

I would like to thank everyone for their hospitality.

C5pilot 08-18-03 11:05 AM

Norm, you're being way too hard on yourself, it was a tough day of racing. Most of the top drivers were having problems and they know how their cars react at the track. I know I speak for all the racers when I say we enjoyed having you join us and hope your wife will allow you to come out and play again. ;)

Mike Campbell 08-18-03 12:27 PM

Norm, Joe is right! You are being way too hard on yourself! ;yn Besides, remember you mentioned to me that you hadn't raced since you were a kid. Well, me too when I started up again. And believe me, it takes quite a while until you really get to know how your car will react to differing track conditions. Besides that, a "regular" 6 speed C5 has traction control problems, let alone a blown one! It takes time, lots of practice and lots of patience! ;yn
Now, if wifey gets TO'ed, well that's a whole another problem. I know.....been there, done that! :D

By the way Norm, my average times are, believe it or not, a second & half better now than 3 1/2 years ago. That's with the same car and no real big mod changes other than DR's & a line lock.

Norm Clemmer 08-18-03 05:44 PM

Most of the time it is easier to get forgiveness than permission...that is expecially true when women (the better half) are involved in the equasion.

Al Betz 08-19-03 04:38 PM

Norm, It was nice to have you along. I love that supercharger. I also watched you spin the tires out to the 60' mark on one run. If you get that car under control it will be killer. You should talk to Chris and some of the other guys running blowers to get tips on how to get the power to the pavement.

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