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Richy 01-23-16 10:05 AM

Take Your Vette to WAWA
Anybody up for a ride?

Broad St is plowed ;now setting up cones for Auto X ; waiting for timing lights , only running 1/8 mile.

Dan 01-23-16 11:32 AM

Nice to hear about the snow in Philly. How come you didn't pack up and go to Boca, South Miami Beach or any place in South Florida?
Corvettes in Florida are like taxis in New York city, all over the place.

From Sunny and cool (63) Punta Gorda Fl.

Dan R

Richy 01-23-16 12:34 PM

Dan, not to worry. The snow will still be here when you return.

Dan 01-23-16 01:07 PM

Oooh, S--t.

tri power 01-24-16 07:35 AM

This guy hates SNOW!

Bob Weiss 01-25-16 10:24 AM

Sorry, Snow piled in front of Garage doors-so no Vette for a Bit!


kwoods 01-25-16 01:00 PM

I'll be there taking the train out of Hatboro

Bob Weiss 01-25-16 02:41 PM

We are going down Tuesday night the 2nd

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