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stevehoward 06-29-15 04:33 PM

Finally arrived after 13 weeks
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Ordered from Bryner 3/19/15. Delivered to dealer on 6/26/15. Brought it home today on 6/29/15. Long wait but worth it.;cb

Dennis Trayes 06-29-15 04:40 PM

Looks great Steve! Enjoy.

tri power 06-30-15 07:38 AM

Nothin but the BEST To YA! LookiN GREAT!

Bob Weiss 06-30-15 09:12 AM

Wow Steve! It is a Beauty! Best of Luck With your new Ride!


phillips00 06-30-15 10:18 AM

what a beauty.
Many happy miles.

jacques 06-30-15 11:26 AM

Enjoy it Steve.

DW 2001 06-30-15 03:16 PM

Many happy times and miles ahead for you. Sharp looking colors. Dan

Wayne Lankford 06-30-15 06:21 PM

It's gorgeous Steve. Best of luck with your new ride.
Pattie and the T.

stevehoward 06-30-15 10:24 PM

Thanks to everyone.

Yo Frank!

I was riding up 611 when I left Bryner with my new Vet and pulled up next to an Abington cop at the light. He rolled down his window and said he was looking at my car while it was sitting at the dealer over the weekend. He told me how much he liked it then asked me if I heard about the new Vet that burned up.

Seems you are now a local celebrity. :cool:

Richy 07-01-15 08:52 AM


Definitely worth the wait. Enjoy it.

black magic 07-03-15 04:38 PM

Sharp looking car. Best of luck with her.

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