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GoVetteGo 06-21-08 07:59 PM

38th Cavalcade Winners!
First off - we all were winners today. We had a beautiful day, a tone of beautiful cars (150) and fun! Thanks to Doc B the MC - you did a great job with the tunes and announcements. That trivia contest was a keeper too!

I hope everyone enjoyed the 50th Anniversary Commemorative Plaque they received. I received many positive comments about them.

Ok, the winners

Club Participation Award:

1st Place - Keystone State Corvette Club - $100

2nd Place - National Corvette Restorers Society - $50
TIE - Skyline Drive Corvette Club - $50

3rd Place - Corvette Club of Northern Delaware - $25

Thanks to all the 8 visiting clubs - we appreciate your support!

Choice Awards:

Bryner's Choice - Randy Hofer
Juvenile Diabetes Foundation Choice - Andy Rumsford
Sunshine Foundation Choice - Kevin Goodman
Habitat for Humanity Choice - Michael Sava
Biker's Against Child Abuse Choice - Bob Weiss
Warwick Township Choice - Anne Fritz
Presidents Choice - Don Kellner

"Best" Awards

Best Paint - Bob Anderson
Best Interior - Dave Bresler
Best Engine - Ken Woodcock
Best of Show - Paul Cantinella

Congratulations to all the winners and thank you for supporting the 38th Annual Cavalcade of Corvettes!

John (Show Boss);bl ;bl

Mike02z 06-23-08 12:43 PM

I'm pretty sure the Habitat For Humanity Choice winner is me. My last name is ending in "e" rather than "a" as it should but I noticed the woman from Habitat kept coming over to my car and writing something down. I only left at 3:00pm because I was as red as a lobster even with sun screen!

Can't believe I actually won something.

I only took 2 pictures of my own car all day..


Mike Campbell 06-23-08 07:16 PM

Congrats Mike. I enjoyed talking with you. ;bt

Mike02z 06-23-08 09:24 PM

By the way John, The plaques were tremendous! I'm not sure how on a 20 dollar admission you pulled off getting those for all those who registered but it is an amazing commemorative that I will cherish always! ;bt

Mike, I enjoyed talking with you as well. Your car is gorgeous. We Zaino'd my buddies last year for the first time and the MR really pops with the first coat of Zaino.

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